Mia Öblom


About me

I am a psychologist and a therapist. My approach is based on CAT- methods and affect-focused short-term therapy. I offer help for both adults and adolescents in difficult situations that may arise in life.

Core values in my work are presence, compassion and activity. You can book an appointment if you feel low or anxious, if you are going through a crisis or if you are experiencing difficulties in your close relationships.

My expertise lies in relational matters (eg. partner, family), emotional and identity-development and in exploring important personal values.

Literature is also a central part of my life, and I am happy to use literature as a tool in my work. I am also familiar with different bodily methods and exercises. The choice of approach is always done in reciprocal cooperation with the client!

I am bilingual (Finnish, Swedish). I also offer services in English.


“Mia on lämmin ja ymmärtäväinen terapeutti, joka oikeasti kuuntelee ja auttaa näkemään asioita uudella tavalla.”


“Mia ställer rätta frågor för att få mig att tänka.”


“Mias styrkor är öppenhet och tolerans. Hon är också bra på att utnyttja sin kunskap snabbt i olika situationer.”



I graduated as a psychologist from Åbo Akademi in 2017, and have since worked as a school psychologist and at psychiatric care for adults and adolescents. My experience from the school-world and from psychiatry have given me a broad understanding of complex problems in life.

On the side of my studies in psychology, I have also studied literature. I enjoy using writing exercises as support for personal development.



Short-term therapeutic approach (CAT)

Affect-focused psychodynamic short-term therapy (ISTDP)