Olli Airola


About me

Clients of all ages are welcome. I’ve worked with diverse challenges and my clients have given me good reviews. I have most experience working with depression, anxiety and burnout.

As a psychologist I’m easy to talk to and the atmosphere is present and relaxed. I feel like being present is one of my key attributes as psychologist. I believe it comes across as a feeling that you’re heard and valued.

All meetings are tailored for your needs. On a general level I’m non-judgemental, curious and I’ll guide your forward with questions. I want to give you space because I believe you’re the expert in your own life and I wish that expertise will follow you into your everyday life. Together we can reach the goals we have set.

“Very good psychologist, very supporting and helpful” -Client

“Olli is approachable, warm and easy to talk to. I could recommend him to all of my clients” -Colleague